Anne Klar

Artist Anne Klarís
unique artwork is a blend of Paint and Sculpture which creates a 3D effect. Each piece uses a variety of materials, textures, and vivid colours to create something truly original. Anneís collection is available in affordable, one-of-a-kind Fine Art Prints, Greeting Cards, and Calendars.

Beach Date Winter's Magic Yearning Everything Was Illuminated Santa Fe Circle Shades of All Silent Canvas Drifting Off Island Colours Cool Contemplation Worth Drawn Away Quilted Showing Finally Home Road to Maple Before Now Subway - Lonely Travellers Lost A Moment Art Critic 2 Santa Fe Dreaming Laundry Snowed-In Imagine Cool Breeze Memories On Ice A Snowy Night Pink Linen Family Portrait The Violinist Summer Colours Windswept Whimsy Grandma's Apple Pie Picnic For One Yellow Barn Immersed Quiet Light Low Tide Mysterious North